Thursday, December 01, 2016

An Option to Prepare you for a Career as a Police Officer

Law Enforcement Certificate
A police officer works in partnership with the communities they serve to maintain law and order, protect members of the public and their property, prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and to serve their community in such a way so as to improve the quality of life for all citizens.  If you have a desire to serve your community in this way you may want to explore the Illinois Central College Law Enforcement Certificate.

The Illinois Central College Law Enforcement Certificate will prepare you for employment as a police officer by providing you with exposure to the knowledge, skills, and expectations that will help prepare you to seek a career in Law Enforcement.

The program consists of 30 Hours or 10 courses to include: Introduction to Criminal Justice; Police Operations; Juvenile Delinquency; Introduction to Investigations; Criminal Law; Administration of Justice; Court Procedures in Evidence; Police Organization and Administration.

This Certificate is ideal for individuals who are or will soon be 21 years of age.  It is especially suited for persons with prior military service, individuals who already have a college degree of any level in another course of study or individuals who may be looking to change careers and are interested in serving his or her community.   

If you would like to find out more go to:

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If you are interested in finding out more or enrolling in the American Bar Association Paralegal Programs at Illinois Central College use this link:

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Springfield Park District Part Time Patrol Officer

Springfield Park District
Part Time Patrol Officer

Department:            Police Department        
Position Title:          Patrol Officer   
Reporting Authority: Chief of Police
Classification:          Non-Exempt – Non-Union
Salary:                     $15.00 hourly
Hours:                      Not to exceed 1000 per year



State of Illinois

Job Opportunities

Telecommunicator Trainee
Agency: State Police
Closing Date/Time: Thu. 12/08/16 4:00 PM Central Time
Salary: $3,124.00 - $4,402.00 monthly
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Whiteside County, Illinois
Number of Vacancies: 3
Plan/BU: RC014
Bid ID#: 21-13-ISP16-120

Under immediate supervision, on an indeterminate shift, participates in an agency-sponsored training program for a period of six to twelve months in Illinois State Police (ISP) telecommunications applications designed to develop familiarization with ISP telecommunications procedures and practices and the usage of two-way radio, computer terminal equipment, and telephone call taking procedures.
 Minimum Requirements:
Requires knowledge, skill, and mental development equivalent to completion of four years of high school.  Qualifying state employees in the employee Upward Mobility Program may complete combinations of specific proficiency tests and training programs leading to a certificate of proficiency in lieu of the stated requirements for this class.  Requires elementary knowledge of the operations and care of a keyboard and related equipment.  Requires elementary knowledge of office practices and procedures, business English, spelling, and commercial arithmetic.  Requires skill to type accurately at a minimum of 30 WPM.  Requires ability to receive, understand, and act upon aural and written instructions and information through the use of a two-way radio and telephone.  Requires ability to acquire a valid LEADS operator certificate.  Requires a clear speaking voice.  Requires ability to maintain self-control under stressful situations.  Must be able to pass an agency background check.  Must be able to work assigned shifts, weekends, and holidays.
 Work Hours & Location/Agency Contact:
Work Location:
Sterling Communications Center
3107 E. Lincolnway
Sterling, IL

Agency Contact:
Robert Huck
Public Safety Shared Services Center
1301 Concordia Ct.
Springfield, IL 62702
217-557-6010 ext. 4217
217-782-8916 - Fax
 How to Apply:

Click Here for Applicant Information and Grading Procedures
This position may require a current grade from Central Management Services (CMS), Division of Examining and Counseling, to be deemed qualified and available for employment consideration. For more information, please refer to the Work4Illinois website at Work.Illinois.Gov and select 'Application Procedures'. Additional information may also be obtained from the Agency Contact listed above or by contacting CMS, Division of Examining and Counseling at or (217) 782-7100, (217) 785-3979 (TDD/TTY), (800) 526-0844 (TTY Only).

Additional Documentation for Telecommunicator Trainee:

Class Specification
Additional Title and Exam Information
Test Information Guide

These documents are in PDF format and can be viewed using Adobe Reader.

NOTE: Salary amounts shown are only to be used as a guide; actual salary will be determined at the time of hire based on current salary plans and/or collective bargaining agreements, if applicable.

Police Officer jobs!

Chicago Police Department accepting new officer applications .  Accessed 11-22-2016.

The Avon Police Department is looking for 1-2 part-time certified police officers. The position pays $11/hour. Hours are very flexible, three to four shifts a month minimum. We can accommodate most schedules and rotating shifts from primary jobs.

Additionally, we are seeking 1-2 non-certified police officers that are interested in a career in law enforcement and would attend a part-time police academy.

Applicants can complete and e-mail the attached application to Alternatively, they can mail the application to 102 S Main st Avon, IL 61415  Attn. Sgt. Halabi.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Approaching 25 Years of ABA approval and 3 Decades of GREAT Paralegal Graduates

“Behind Every Great Lawyer is a Great Paralegal” is the saying on a coffee mug one of our former graduates once gave to me to celebrate and offer thanks for a new job he had just earned.

The Paralegal Programs at Illinois Central College have been in existence since 1987 and American Bar Association approved since 1992.  With quality and consistent leadership and instruction, we boast a long and distinguished list of Great Paralegals working for Great Lawyers all around Central Illinois and the United States. 

Our graduates are working with sole practitioners and in the largest of law firms.  They work in the corporate World headquarters of Walmart, Caterpillar and State Farm and in the public sector with local, state and Federal government offices.  And you can find our graduates serving in legal aid and non-profit positions. 

If you have a passion for the law and an interest in a challenging and satisfying career, you need to pursue your Paralegal education with our program. 

To learn more go to: and follow the instructions found there to begin your Paralegal education.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Urge Legislators to Restore Adequate Funding for Illinois Community Colleges

Posted by WCBU-FM public radio in Peoria on November 20, 2016: Education Desk: 

No Response To Community Colleges' Plea

The stop-gap funding measure approved by lawmakers last Spring left community colleges with just 27 percent of their usual state aid. That amount is almost gone. Community colleges in Illinois have drastically cut spending, laid off teachers and even suspended or cut programs that put people to work. 

If you live in Illinois it is more likely than not your public safety, health care, legal and other professional services and about every necessary and quality of life aspect or your existence depends directly on someone educated or trained at an Illinois Community College. Our local high school graduates find success on our campuses and then transfer and complete their 4 year degrees with higher GPA's and less debt than the other graduates who spent four (or more) years at those institutions.

Politicians of all walks talk about the economy, jobs, safe communities, good health care and quality education opportunities during the election season. 

Illinois Community Colleges are the best bargain with the best return of anything in the State's budget, past, present or future.

Please call or write your state lawmaker and urge those individuals to do their duty and restore adequate funding for Illinois Community Colleges.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Volunteering for Law Enforcement

Volunteering for Law Enforcement  

The Peoria County Sheriff's Office has opportunities for volunteers wishing to assist law enforcement with a variety of duties. The auxiliary deputy program offers mobile auxiliary and mounted auxiliary. Throughout the year, auxiliary deputies have opportunities to provide traffic control, serve as parade escorts, help with education events, and participate in public relations activities. You can help missing persons in your own community by joining Peoria County's Search and Rescue (SAR) Team. Volunteers interested in helping during severe weather can serve as weather spotters. Sheriff's personnel will describe these volunteer programs, including requirements to join, training, assignments, and the application process.

Volunteering for Law Enforcement
Item: CPLEC51622
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Location: Hickory Hall, Hickory 108
Sessions: 1 Th 5407 N. University Peoria, IL 61635
12/1/2016 - 12/1/2016 Fee: $0.00

Monday, November 07, 2016

The Illinois Central College Paralegal Programs has once again obtained continued Approval from the American Bar Association!

The Illinois Central College Paralegal Programs has once again obtained continued Approval from the American Bar Association!  We have a two year Associate’s Degree, as well as a post-degree Certificate.  For more information or to enroll, please e-mail Michelle Weghorst @  Congratulations ICC Paralegal Programs!

Friday, November 04, 2016

Incivility. Some thoughts on it's impact in Society and Public Services Careers

With my Criminal Justice students, I preach the realities of dealing with difficult people and situations, the need to breathe, take a broad view of the circumstances at hand.  We talk about gathering all the facts as best you can under the circumstances before exercising discretion and we discuss how our biases, our attitude and the basic events of every day life can impact our actions.  Finally we very much discuss seeing and dealing with all people, victim or suspect, as you’d like to be dealt with as we explore the character expectations for earning and keeping a job serving the public.  These individuals will take an oath to act with character as they uphold and serve the law and their community.

My Paralegal students also get a healthy dose of character education.   While they currently are not subject to a direct license or oath in Illinois, they do work under the supervision of lawyers who are licensed by the State.  Those lawyers do take an oath and their entry into the profession and maintaining theie status as lawyers is subject to demonstrating and meeting a specific code of ethical conduct, the Illinois Code of Professional Responsibility. 

I urge both groups of students to be aware of the current events, statuses, public perception and realities of their future careers.  Our topics of discussion for both groups of students often involve elements and examples of incivility.  They will encounter incivility as they deal with the public, in the community and more often in their own workplace.  Michelle Silverthorn, Diversity and Education Director for the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism recently posted an short article on the topic as it relates to society on the Commission’s website at:

I will be encouraging my students to read this article.  I hope our students, graduates, faculty, staff and the stakeholders of our programs take the time to do so as well.

Tom Higgins

Professor, Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies