Monday, May 13, 2013

Thank you! from Professor Higgins

No I am not finished grading! But I am hard at work grading and stopping here and there to I reflect on this semester.  As is typically the case I am often distracted from the task at hand by thoughts of my students and now former students.  The things I know our students juggle and the effort I know my students in particular put into pursuing their chosen career path and becoming competent individuals in those fields truly amazes me each and every semester.  So to those now former students leaving for employment or transferring to their next educational stop and to those students returning to see me in the fall semester, I just wanted to say Thank you!  This tune has long been on my Perspective playlist, enjoy.  And yes, while a novice with the "smart" phone, I have been able to create "playlists" since the days of cassette tapes (youngsters are Googling).

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