Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Two Completely ONLINE Summer Elective Course Options for Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice and Paralegal Majors or a CLE Ethics Course for Working Paralegals

CRJ 227 Administration of Justice-Online Summer 2014
This course is designed to acquaint the student with the legal principles applicable to important criminal procedures that involve force, arrest, search and seizure, civil rights, self-incrimination, assistance of counsel and other aspects of Constitutional Law affecting law enforcement officers. Read two text book chapters and participate in two online discussion forums per week.

PRLGL 121 Paralegal Ethics and Professional Responsiblity-Online Summer 2014
This course is an in-depth review of the cannons of professional responsibility, including case study projects.  The emphasis is on the duty of paralegals and lawyers to act so as to serve a clients interests best, to do so in an ethical manner, and to advance the interests of justice.  Paralegal students can take this course as an elective; paralegals can take this course as part of their continuing legal education. Read instructor provided Online materials and participate in weekly online discussions regarding the cannons of professional responsibility that regulate and guide the legal profession. This course is also available as a CLE opportunity in the area of Ethics for working Paralegals.

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