Monday, February 06, 2017

Criminal Justice 227 –Administration of Justice SUMMER 2017

Join Professor Tom Higgins for a completely Online section of CRJ 227, Administration of Justice, and a long look at the events leading up to the tragic death of Laquan McDonald.   

We will review important criminal procedures involving use of force, arrest, search, seizure, civil rights, self-incrimination, assistance of counsel and other aspects of Constitutional Law intended to protect the public while assisting law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties.  The value of students knowing these very important principles has been diminished somewhat as focus and curriculum changes squeezed this type of course out to make room for more liberal arts based courses.  While other courses are arguably also valuable, knowing what the public should expect from you and what you are able to expect from the public as a police officer is knowledge that you need in greater detail and with more frequency than once in college and once in the police academy.   

This is a MUST have course for persons intending to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.  It will provide an interesting and valuable learning experience for any person intending a career serving the law and justice systems in any manner.

Look for Enrollment to open the first week of April.  The class begins June 5th.  There is no text book so your cost is tuition only.  

Other questions?  Contact Professor Higgins at: