Wednesday, July 26, 2017

So you want to be a Police Officer . . .

Illinois Central College offers a Certificate in Law Enforcement

The mission of our Law Enforcement Certificate is to provide specific education for individuals who intend to seek employment with a police agency.  This certificate is an ideal opportunity if:

·      You have earned your Bachelor or Associate degree, including a Criminal Justice degree or a degree in any other field or discipline and you plan to seek a position in policing;
·      You are currently enrolled in a Bachelor or Associate degree (including a Criminal Justice degree) and you want to enhance that degree and expand your career opportunities in policing with this Certificate; and especially if
·      You are a recently discharged Veteran intending to seek employment with a civilian police agency.

Stop, Frisk, Arrest, Use of Force, Search, Seizure, and all of the Law related to how Police must act while serving and protecting the public is provided in detail in this program.

How police departments operate, budget and set policies is covered in detail in this program. 

In a nut shell, this program prepares you for the realities of a career in policing and it allows you to be better prepared to seek, earn and have a successful career serving and protecting the public as a police officer.

See the program courses and requirements here:

To get enrolled or to find out more contact Michelle Weghorst at 309-690-7691 or email: