Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Illinois Central College Paralegal Programs are THE SMART CHOICE . . . Enroll TODAY!

The Illinois Central College Paralegal Program is the “oldest” American Bar Association approved Paralegal degree program in all of Central Illinois. ICC offers both a two year degree and a Post Degree Paralegal Certificate for persons who hold another two or four year degree.

True, other options for an American Bar Association approved Paralegal Education exist in Central Illinois.  But . . . look closely at those other options and consider three very important factors: Cost, Availability of Courses and Quality of Instruction.
  • ·       Tuition at Illinois Central College is as much as 66% LESS than some other programs may charge for a two-year degree and even less for Post Degree Certificate students.   
  • ·       We offer multiple sections of courses, in traditional, online and hybrid formats each semester.   
  • ·       Our courses are taught by a well established faculty made up of trusted, local Lawyers and Paralegals. 
  • ·       And we boast generations of Employed and Successful Graduates working in: law offices, large and small; courthouses, State and Federal; along with the largest corporations in the United States.   
The Illinois Central College 
Paralegal Programs
WE are THE Smart Choice!

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