Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Summer and Fall 2018 Class Schedules are Available

The Summer and Fall 2018 Class Schedules are available for viewing and students can begin to register on April 2nd.  Look for information on appointments from your Advisor. 

Professor Graff and Professor Higgins have set orientation meetings for the Criminal Justice Summer Internship.  Please attend either the meeting on Monday, March 5th at 12:15 in Poplar Room 104 or Tuesday, March 6th in Poplar Room 134 or see or contact either Professor if you plan to enroll but aren't able to attend one of those meetings.

Professor Higgins will be offering CRJ 227, Administration of Justice.  As in past years, we will provide a very interesting and valuable opportunity to learn about all of the criminal procedure and Constitutional protections necessary for every competent police officer and we will focus on a particular "hot" topic in law enforcement.  For this Summer, we will take a close look at use of force and use of deadly force in particular in great detail.  This course is ONLY offered once per year and in the Summer.  Every student who has completed this course will tell you it was well worth their time and effort, both as a student and then later in life as they entered their career.  See, call or contact Professor Higgins to get more information or see your Advisor or Professor Higgins to get enrolled.

Paralegal Students, watch for a message from Michelle Weghorst about Advisement and as with last semester you Professor Higgins will be available to assist with advisement for students already enrolled in the program.