Monday, April 02, 2018

Current ICC Students, Enroll for Summer and Fall TODAY!

From Professor Higgins
If you have NOT seen your advisor, get in and see her or him ASAP.  If you are a current Paralegal or Criminal Justice student, you can bring me your graduation checklist, transcript and an enrollment card and we can review your status and get you enrolled.  For Summer, there are some great opportunities:
1. Criminal Justice Internship, the course rated by students as the best CRJ course they ever had the opportunity to take at ICC is available this Summer, but you need to see me or Professor Graff as soon as possible as department assignments and background checks begin soon.
2. Administration of Justice is a course every person who plans or hopes to work in Law Enforcement or the Criminal Justice system should have but it is only offered once per year.  If you want to be a successful police officer or criminal justice professional, take this course where we cover all the things relevant to proper stops, searches, arrests, the things you need to know. And for this Summer we will take a focused look at Deadly Force.  You will have an opportunity to review what the law is currently and discuss and debate where it should go.  Those who had me for other courses where this issue comes up know I have some definite views on this topic, but the real focus will be to allow you to develop your own views because things will change and it is your generation who will not only change things but be required to live and work within the expectations of the law you help change. 
3. Paralegal Ethics and Professional Responsibility will be covered in an online Summer course that is a very informative and convenient way for Paralegal students to expand their knowledge of the principles that guide a long and successful career in the law.
See your Advisor or call or connect with me and we will get you enrolled in these and any other courses you need to reach your career and education goals.
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