One Year Later, a Graduate's Perspective

On the one year anniversary of getting a job in a law firm, one of our graduates sent a nice Thank You note. Like so many people, he came to our Post Degree program to pursue his interest in the law after spending years on a much different career path. He reported being happy and satisfied at the one year point of his Paralegal career.  When asked what he had learned in this first year, he provided this tongue in cheek reply: 

Family law and Estate planning are like "bread and butter" in this profession and I have done both. 

Here is a shortlist of some things I've learned:

1. Always proofread and cc the client;
2. Always check the copier tray for stuff you might have left there;
3. If a lawyer ask you to do something, it usually means a) they want you to do it 
and b) they want it now;
4. Some attorneys use their assistants as attack dogs. Carry bacon;
5. Almost all questions a client may have are better answered by the attorney;   
6. There is never not a file that needs closing;
7. Know where all the toes are in the office and don't step on them;
8. Attorneys are still co-workers. Good ones and bad ones. Hope for a good one. Otherwise wear a helmet;
9. Know where the closest USPS is and when the last pickup is;
10. If you don't like the work: just wait. Hold out.