Remote Law Office Management in a Shelter in Place, Covid-19 World

While many law offices, typically larger offices in larger cities, have been moving to more remote work, we haven't seen that as often in Central Illinois.  Now, many of you are forced to move in this direction and quite frankly, I hope you have moved in this direction or you will soon. 

The ABA has a few resources (CLE programs) they are offering, but unfortunately, at this time, those programs are free to members but they are charging $199 for non-members.

Fortunately, there are plenty of good resources available for your review.  I will link some of those resources below.  This first article provides caution and reason to move your office operation to a  remote set up for this current crisis.

As COVID-19 Spreads, How Effective Are Partial and Voluntary Remote Work Policies?

Simply reducing the number of attorneys and staff in office through voluntary and rotational remote work policies is not enough to stem the spread of the coronavirus, but further measures may help.


How New Jersey's Law Firms Are Moving to Remote Work Amid COVID-19 Response

As one firm leader put it, "We have two sacred obligations during this crisis: an obligation to our clients and an obligation to each other and to our families."


More BigLaw firms close or require remote work because of coronavirus threat

What Can Be Learned From 'Virtual' Firms as Coronavirus Necessitates Remote Work?

Brick-and-mortar firms weren't built with remote work in mind, say the leaders of distributed firms, so they face obstacles both physical and cultural as more attorneys log in from home to limit the spread of COVID-19.