Register for Fall Paralegal Courses

Paralegal course registration is open for Fall semesters.  

Please email Paralegal Program Coordinator Peggy Crane at peggy.crane@icc.edu to get registered or to seek admission to our American Bar Association approved Paralegal Programs.  We are OPEN, we are preparing Paralegals.  And we are posting and filling Paralegal Jobs.  

Please be sure you include the following information in your email requests to Peggy Crane:  

Student ID Number
Requested Courses
Phone Number

Summer semester courses are available Online.  

Please read the following information regarding the Paralegal Course Schedule with Covid-19 Adjustments for Fall 2020

As an American Bar Association-approved program, we schedule a certain amount of some of our courses to include synchronous or live class time where students and the instructor are in the same place.  Prior to mid-March of this year, the “place” was a traditional classroom in Poplar Hall at the Peoria Campus of Illinois Central College. 

In an effort to continue the level of quality education employers expect of our graduates and in keeping with the expectations of the ABA, we have modified our fall semester schedule to provide students with the assurance that we will be there for you this fall semester, regardless of circumstances that may be imposed by Covid-19.

You can plan on Prlgl 110, 117, and 260 continuing as wholly online courses.

Prlgl 112, 113, 116, and 215 will continue as with part of the class being completed through Blackboard online with an expectation that you attend live or face to face class session via Zoom or Google Meets as directed by your instructor.

Students will be expected to log in and attend each virtual class session per course for each week of the semester. The schedule for these virtual in-class sessions is found below.  There will be one evening session available for each course. 

To attend your in-class sessions, you will need to have the ability to be seen and heard through a live video feed on your computer, tablet, or smartphone as directed by your instructor.

The "in-class,” live class component will be available at the following times.  The expectation for each in-class session will vary depending on the needs or objectives of each course and the presentation choices of individual instructors.


6 - 7:30 p.m.
Prlgl 112
Prlgl 116
Prlgl 113
Prlgl 215