American Bar Association extends Approval status for the Illinois Central College Paralegal Programs

Illinois Central College has had a Paralegal program since 1989.  We currently have two programs, an Associate in Applied Science program and a Post Degree Certificate program for students who have already earned a college degree.  These programs have produced and placed graduates in positions working with lawyers in law offices, government agencies, and corporations throughout our region and the United States.   

Chances are that anyone receiving legal services from a lawyer in our region is also being served by an ICC Paralegal graduate.  

The program first earned American Bar Association approval status in 1992 and we have maintained this status through 6 cycles of a very in-depth program review process since 1992.  

The American Bar Association site team visited our campus over two days in February of 2020.  In their exit interview, the site team reported to Dr. Quirk-Bailey and Mr Budde that they would be recommending the program be reapproved and they noted how impressed they were with our curriculum, our facilities, our students, our advisory board, and our faculty.  

COVID-19 delayed the next two steps of the ABA approval process, a review by the Standing Committee on Paralegals and a vote of approval by the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association.  The House of Delegates voted to extend our American Bar Association approval status this past month.  

The Illinois Central College Paralegal Programs will retain full-approval status through 2026.