Instructor for Paralegal Courses, Fall and Spring 2021

Instructor for Paralegal Courses, Fall and Spring 2021

Illinois Central College is looking for Paralegals or Lawyers to serve as Adjunct Faculty, teaching Paralegal Courses in the Fall and Spring of 2021. The courses anticipated to be available will be taught either Online Anytime or in Online Scheduled mode. Online Anytime mode requires students and instructors to interact asynchronously 3-6 hours per week to complete course expectations and objectives.  Online Scheduled mode requires a student and instructor to interact to complete course expectations and objectives both asynchronously and through a live, remote, required class meeting, one evening per week between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. 

The instructor is expected to: 

  1. Instruct and coordinate a course including all necessary materials.

  2. Follow syllabi for assigned courses communicating the expectations and schedule for the classwork.

  3. Maintain office hours and availability outside of class.

  4. Communicate with students working to ensure student success.

  5. Collaborate with Faculty and Staff to continuously improve and adapt the student experience to meet the needs of the student, community, and institution.

  6. Perform related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Paralegal Studies, Legal Studies, Juris Doctorate; OR Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies or Legal Studies with 6,000 hours experience as a paralegal.

Preferred Qualifications

Experience instructing, tutoring, or similarly teaching in Paralegal or Legal Studies.

for further information contract Tom Higgins thiggins@icc.edu or Peggy Crane peggy.crane@icc.edu