City of Moline Police Department Testing

  • Salary and Benefits: 
  • Starting Pay: $58,092/year 
  • Excellent Health Benefits and Pension 
  • Uniform Allowance: $700/year 
  • Firearms Proficiency Pay: Up to $360/year 
  • Physical Fitness Incentive: $200/year 
  • Shift Differential: $0.45/hour for 2nd shift and $0.55/hour for 3rd shift
  • 21-34 years of age to apply (see exceptions in the packet) 
  • Must live within a 20-mile radius of 1630 8th Avenue in Moline within 2 years of hire (includes Illinois and Iowa) 
  • Additional requirements are contained in the packet.

Get the packet and complete the required online applications at www.moline.il.us