911 Telecommunicator Program - Filling an ongoing and critical Public Safety need in Central Illinois

Why do people take this program and become 911 Telecommunicators?  Watch this video to find out!

Illinois Central College can help year earn a position in this rewarding field.

Our program provides students with the knowledge and skills required for calling-taking and dispatching emergency calls, specifically for the police, fire, and emergency medical service (EMS) departments.  

Students complete the following 6 courses:  CMGEN 120, Computer Applications; CRJ 110, Introduction to Criminal Justice; CRJ 190 and 191, Telecommunicator 1 and 2, CRJ 225, Criminal Law, and CRJ 201 the Internship course. 

CRJ 190 and 191 are offered at the Peoria Emergency Communications Center training room. During the internship course, students are assigned to various dispatch centers throughout Central Illinois.

To find out more or to enroll, use the Enroll in our Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and 911 link and contact Doug Heuermann today.

Other relevant information and resources:

Communications and Keyboarding skills are critical to success in this field. Some great resources to help you improve your typing speed include:





You can use https://www.typingtest.com/ to test your speed/accuracy.

Criticall is the software many departments use to test applicants.  

Criticall offers practice materials found at the following link: