Enroll in the ICC Criminal Justice Program

Students earn an Associate in Arts and Science Degree by completing 64 semester hours in this program. Students either plan to pursue careers in institutional corrections or transfer to a four-year degree institution and pursue a career in community-based corrections as probation or parole officers. Core courses include Introduction to Corrections, Juvenile Delinquency, and Criminal Law.

Program Information:
This course of study is designed for men and women who are working in public service positions that involve corrections responsibilities and those intending to develop a career in the criminal justice field. The program of study may prepare the student for employment in some areas of the field; however, many of the employment opportunities in the criminal justice field require a four-year degree. Students desiring to transfer should work very closely with their advisors.

Admission to the Program:
Students must complete basic skills placement testing before admission into this program. Students enrolled in the Arts and Science degree program must meet with their assigned academic advisor to plan a specific course schedule meeting Illinois Central College and personal requirements in addition to requirements for the institution to which transfer is intended.

For more information, please call (309) 694-5331 for to be referred to an Advisor

Recommended Course Sequence:
Fall Semester 1:
CRJ 110; CRJ 118; SOC 110; ENGL 110; POLSC 119

Spring Semester 1:
CRJ 114; ENGL 111; COMM 110; PSY 110; Fine Arts; Electives

Fall Semester 2:
POLSC 115; Elective; Humanities; Life Science; Mathematics

Spring Semester 2:
CRJ 119 or CRJ 225; SOC 210; Humanities/Fine Arts; Mathematics; Physical Science