Enroll in our Legal Studies Program Courses

We offer an established, convenient, and effective means of entering several careers in the law through our Legal Studies program.  

Our Legal Studies Certificate graduates are employed in a variety of positions all across the United States with a wide range of job titles, with the most common being Paralegal or Legal Assistant. We have also seen a number of graduates go on to law school and become lawyers.  If you have an interest in earning a career in law, this is the place to start your education and training. 

Students who have not yet earned an ICC or other college degree may be permitted to take Legal Studies courses while also enrolled in and moving towards completion of an ICC degree.  

We have many successful graduates who took this path, earning their transfer Criminal Justice or Business Administration degrees, as an example.  These students take our Legal Studies courses simultaneously and then earn their Legal Studies certificate in proximity to their ICC transfer degree.  

Our students typically need to work during or immediately after our program to support themselves and their families.  

We work to provide students with an opportunity to earn the credentials that will provide the best options and opportunities.   

As a graduate of an ICC transfer degree and our Legal Studies certificate, you will find great employment options in the legal field, likely before or through your Legal Studies internship course.  And, you will have affordable and accessible transfer options that allow you to complete a 4-year degree.  

So whether you have earned a college degree or not, our Legal Studies certificate is a pathway to a career in the law.


Post Degree Certificate Applicants seeking to enroll should (1) submit an application to Illinois Central College. Applications may be completed online by going to the Get Started link at http://www.icc.edu. (2) have official college transcripts from other colleges or universities sent to Illinois Central College Admissions/Records Office. (3) contact Student Success Advisors Pam Miller or Crystal Grzeslo by e-mail at: pam.miller@icc.edu or crystal.grzeslo@icc.edu

You will also need to contact Professor Tom Higgins to introduce yourself and receive an orientation to the program. Please email Professor Higgins at: thomas.higgins@icc.edu


Students who have completed Introduction to Legal Studies should complete the following steps to be enrolled in courses:

First Step: Find, review and save your Advisement Report on e-services.  This document will verify the courses you have completed and the courses you need to complete to earn your Degree or Certificate. Be sure to verify you are in the correct major or program and if you are not, get this information corrected.  

To Access your Advisement Report, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to my ICC, eServices

  2. From the Self-Service menu, click on Student Center

  3. Under Academics, click on My Academics

  4. Click on View My Advisement Report

  5. Save the report as a PDF file with your name and the term (janesmithadvisementreportsemesteryear.pdf)

Second Step: Submit your enrollment request to Professor Higgins by:

  1. Copying and pasting the information found after the dotted line below into a document;

  2. Go the icc.edu website and find the course schedule.  

  3. Search the course schedule for classes your advisement report indicates you need and create a proposed schedule in the boxes provided on your newly created document.

  4. Be sure to provide all of the requested information in the space provided.  

  5. Once completed, save this document as a pdf file (janesmithenrollmentrequestforsemesteryear.pdf) 

  6. Send both your advisement report and your enrollment request files to Student Success Advisors Pam Miller or Crystal Grzeslo by e-mail at: pam.miller@icc.edu or crystal.grzeslo@icc.edu and send a copy to Professor Higgins at: thomas.higgins@icc.edu

  7. Our Student Success Advisor will contact you with any questions or concerns and she will work with you to get you enrolled and communicate with you about that process as needed.  

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