Why the Law? Series, Tom Higgins Self-Interview

 The maiden voyage for my "Why the Law?" series of interviews, the self-interview edition.



Active Listening is NOT Optional in Law and Justice Careers

If you take any one of Professor Higgins investigation or litigation related courses, you learn about the importance of Active Listening.  

The successful police officer, investigator, paralegal, or lawyer must hear and process far more than they must speak.  

We see, hear, assess, and analyze what we hear and observe before we act or speak on that information.

Active listening is a skill that you must commit to, develop, and practice to see dividends.  

It may benefit you in your personal life as much as in your career. Especially in our current environment. 

Take a few minutes to read Tania Israel's short article and if you have a few minutes more, watch her TED Talk linked at the bottom of the article. 



Access to Lexis (Nexis Uni) and Searching for Illinois Case Law

Jessica Bastain in our ICC library created some very helpful resources for students on “How to Login to Nexis Uni” and “How to Search Illinois Case Law in Nexis Uni.”  

A short video walking you through each of these topics can be found on YouTube:  

How to Login to Nexis Uni: https://youtu.be/z6yeEzbLue4

How to Search Illinois Case Law in Nexis Uni: https://youtu.be/2lYJTpKm1MU


She also created a webpage on Nexis Uni for Paralegal and Criminal Justice Students. It includes these videos and two pdf files that you can save or print to have available until you get more familiar with this resource.  It includes general information about logging in to the ICC Library, a link to our chat, and helpful quick links.

Here is the link to that webpage: https://libguides.icc.edu/NexisUni/home 


The Library is also offering one-on-one virtual appointments with students.  

When we are on campus Jessica is our "Law" Librarian because she is stationed at the Peoria Campus library adjacent to Poplar Hall.  She is always extremely helpful and supportive of our Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Paralegal students and we are very fortunate that she is willing to meet with students individually if you need more assistance.

Students can schedule an appointment with Jessiva, or any other librarian, from this page: https://icc.edu/library/for-students/book-a-librarian/




Physical Fitness for Law Enforcement and the Power Test

I put a brief version of my typical summer advice on physical fitness for law enforcement and preparing for, taking and passing the Power Test on a podcast linked here:



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